Monday, February 01, 2010

The War On Drugs Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy

The War On Drugs Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy

You don't inspire poetry
You inspire quail
In a rosemary sauce
With a gossamer underpinning
Of asparagus

Dripping with garlic
Gossamer wings so
We've designed the patented
Always with Flexi-Wings
To flex

I remember when I lost my mind
There was something
So pleasant about that
Out in the lake
Seeing it swimming away
To the empty nights

This is just like The O.C.
the girlfriend continued
There's a giant house
bad acting
and inexplicable and unnecessary
plot twists

Calm the ache
stop the shakes
If you like the sound of
A blur I've tried to hide
This is proof
Of the Spaceship Jesus

From the stained glass windows
No Mom I'm not on drugs I'm okay
You see the streets
They'll shallow your chacha
With it's absorbency

Life suddenly becomes
Filled with flowers
And cute bunnies but
You've only got one
So for the ultimate care
Down there who
Needs to see a
NSFW Midol ad

Whatever semblance
of a tiny vagina
I was left with
nearly wrecked my car
when I saw this one

Dear Jesus please
make this idiot's anus

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