Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fake Lugosi

Fake Lugosi

3 way evil pony
Vs the peppermint pony
From the rape of rainbows
Collection an endless supply

Easy to read and woefully
Written a so deeply constructed
Story of two girls and their heavenly
Intent for the human animal

Who became the third zombie
After being attacked by Vampira
And the fake Lugosi

It's a good thing they turned him into
Their signature infectious bouncy hooks
A fake octopus for Bela Bela
wasn't the butcher on Poverty Row

Making grade Z science after being abducted
And suffering years of Teletubbies
In their very own little slipcase
Gained notoriety early on
When a German teenager had purchased
Dozens of copies and used them
To construct a sort of altar in his room

Taking souls instead
Of saving souls
By Messenger
Of Elohim on MySpace
In this episode
The Rosary Army
Grew plants bearing fungus
That boned to
The human nervous system
Allowing them to control
The very words
They spoke under threat
Of spontaneous combustion

These collected remembrance
Are specifically about how we feel
as we remember our loved ones
The most often dished advice is by
Silliman's blog pop up's
Who always asks
How smart are you

Old school new school need
To learn though burn that mother down
When he got off of the Boat
In Galveston after
Just following these characters
Long enough to give us a serious sense
Of their lives
He stages what I guess is the
Fake Lugosi of the title

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