Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jabberjaw's Quetzalcoatl Quartet

Jabberjaw's Quetzalcoatl Quartet

Lately I have been plagued
By a very disturbing
Great white shark
(No relation) who is also
A drummer with The Neptunes
Whom I can't get out of my head

Even when they point
A gun even if they simply
Stand around like Jessica Fletcher
the sea witch in disguise
A very sexy mystery writer
Who lives in a small town
In Maine just take me
My lovely Quetzalcoatl

To the most barren desert
A few thousand miles
From the nearest sea
Take me back to Tulsa
I'm too young to marry
My mother is the Moon dark

Holding back
The wild hot sun
With shadows of
Serpent feathers
I almost died on
Three separate occasions

At the end of agriculture
At the end of the nobility cult
And at the end to the opening
Theme from the Andy Griffith Show

When Rosemary's billy-goat
Goes something like militant
Witchcraft punk
With a Motown edge

A great white shark
That speaks like Curly
From the Three Stooges
Nice life
Nice black-hole

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