Friday, February 26, 2010

Onanism With The Kardashian

Onanism With The Kardashian

These blasted jugs weigh 40lbs
Dead weight and are too heavy
for most women my jugs are only
A hundred quotations of courage,
Persistence, happiness, the purpose of life,
And most famous for a series
Of phenomena involving a persistent
And invasive low-frequency noise
Not audible to all this is
How you will disappear
While I self medicate
Through the passing year
A cosmic disco floor-filler
That sets the stage for
The pipes aren't meant to hold semen
I just wonder what else is included
In the semen-related costs
At University of Michigan
By the way
Can a doctor tell
From a physical examination
If I makes little ladyboy squeals
when I masturbate with Khloe Kardashian
Apparently understands
The true meaning of Valentine's Day
Simply by positioning her hooch underneath
A roaring waterfall
And letting gravity handle the rest

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