Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ron Paul's False Flag

Ron Paul's False Flag

I'm gonna have my head examin'
And find out the size
Of those beings that walked
The earth many millennia
Ago before the atmosphere
Underwent a dramatic
business proposal

For the Federal Reserve has
A number of incredible collaborations
between modern marvels
And living legends that
Secretly have man bits
That are fierce
And all thugged out

This girl named Sappho
Is in need the big cure of spanking
because she always shows her panties
in Amarillo Akron Albany anywhere
Lipstick lesbians say go Ron Paul go

He is the only candidate
who sounds just like
A founding father
Schooling and utterly
Pwning General Petraeus
and his ass far
far away from the
line of fire

This raises some serious
HR issues relating
To health care costs
Wellness recruiting
And employee relations

Just how sexy
Are Ron Paul-style
Republicans once they
Have made the long journey
From Casablanca to Buno

When he was a child
Ron Paul had speech
Impediments Ron Paul
Just Sounds like a tranny
Name and that is
The main problem
With his followers

Who say
That a Rockwell painting
Does not require an explanation
A caption or even a title

The time has come to take
Norman Rockwell seriously says
The New York Times
And the most over-rated doctor
In America isn't the dumb guy
From The Bachelor

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