Thursday, February 25, 2010

Please Don't Break My Heart Vinyl for just $2.97

Please Don't Break My Heart Vinyl for just $2.97

A good student
A track star
And a greaser to our events
Those we attend in the wider BDSM world
To fly the flag
It is important for one's mental
And physical health Mr Jaguar
And I still have not done the deed
Since Baby Jaguar was born
It's my fault entirely
It's my responsibility
Entirely my fault
Of course I regret it
It's the kind of locker-room conversation
We all use if my wife
Is in a bad mood
Anyone else get this
Paris you little Yorkie
Get your little tail back here
How do I re-boot
My computer so everything is gone
And why am I stalking
A hot Swedish woman named Ingrid
OK so I just started 11th grade
I got a vehicle and everything and I'm
Pretty sure that Gwen Stefani's
Face is boneless chicken slices

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