Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Liked To Hear People Say 'Ouch

Accused gang member says
Only crime is baking cupcakes
Lesbian pajamas by Heather and Lori
Creates fabulous whimsical stains
The dramatic cupcake dog

Is having flashbacks from the war
On wedges and heels
With wooden soles really beautiful
Frosting fun Martha Stewart
Ponies pony pony in my pocket
I was so excited
When I found out she loved
Ugly crazy women porn

The axe swung today
Now don't misunderstand my gratitude
I would never ever spend more
The next thing to cut back on is labor cost
Just bought the J. Crew one on sale today
For ten forty nine so comfy

Desensitizing with masturbation
It sounds like you have reached
What they call in the rehab world
Being sick I'm glad they're adding
The don't care button

Don't you be sassin' me Frankenstein
Behold I am the ancient
Aztec God of bitch smacking
It's a pleasure to meet you
I know there is allot of trolls on here so
I'm sure this is like a god send to em

Some exaggeration and fake moaning
Lots of exaggeration and fake moaning
Recently I heard
On the radio they were talking
About saying why
Medical care costs were
Sure as a blog
Returns to its vomit
Your friends see it
Your stalkers see it
Your free lesbian babysitter sees it

Monday, July 26, 2010

It's One Of The Many Normal Human Emotions Or Moods

A dynamic post-secondary institution
Along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer
And academic relationships providing the guidance and investing the seed
And services for lawyers and for the public
Association specializing in public policy advocacy on business issues
Both undergraduate and graduate programmes are offered in many disciplines
Business licenses and recreation program registration city job applications and more
Cutting-edge science and tech
Editing as key in producing effective communications in the corporate
Evidence-based classroom program that has shown dramatic effect
Explanation of inflation target and market
Includes attractions history parks recreation taxes environmental programs transit
Includes footnoted script credits blog
Includes news on latest threats advisories planning tips and job opportunities
Institution committed to encouraging and fostering critical
Is a weekly general medical journal that publishes new medical research findings
Jet propulsion laboratory research affiliation
Largest protestant denomination
Membership dues from individuals who have joined to obtain such member benefits as nicely
Offers non-formal education to girls
Over sixty restaurants eight stages family activities free admission
Registered dietitians that provide resources for consumers
The exact spelling of a word
To die of fever
We have been very successful
With a lot of hoppin' swingin' fun

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Show Me Your Tits

I was only drawing attention
to the irony of trying to import western
Irony my friends say they think it's
Disgusting but I find it keeps me focused
On what I wear or how I fix my hair
Hey Cinderella show us your tits
Long dyed hair under a trucker's hat
Wannabe intellectuals
Think reading
Editing software at six feet and eleven inches a
New Jersey girl has been crowned Miley
In other words some women will like porn
At least as much as the average man
Issued the obligatory
It's not my fault mullet
And it is here to stay
Negative comments on this
And see how others
Rate your boobs
And the other two S Club 7 shows
Choosing porn that women like
Requires common sense and just
A bit of knowledge infecting cities
Towns and villages alike
But most of the time
They like unbearable shrill annoying dog shit
It only ever seems to be these sorts
Who are willing flash us with their delights
But don't listen to conservative pundits
Who would like to convince you otherwise
Is it normal for women to watch porn
What do you think
A few self-righteous friends and relatives
Will tell you that breastfeeding is best
Ever ask yourself whether something
In your life is normal or not
Come on now let down your guard
I just want to look and see
What you got for me
What you got for me show me
Show me your tits

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spill Baby Spill

Chicks dig me
Because I rarely wear
Underwear and when I do
They are Sylvester Stallone
Philly cheese steak at Johnny Utah's
Where I ride the mechanical bull

Your penis name is Thrill Drill
It's not like you can go down to True-Value
And buy oil-rig cause we fucking
Founded this country asshole

So your wanna be attempt
To be a rebel
So chicks will dig you doesn't work
Chicks get thrills on boats named Wonder Bread
And Tiny
Cuz chicks dig brain damage
And dealing with psychological scars
A black Hummer complete with a
Drill baby Drill bumper sticker
Gets them more willing to initiate love-making

And either you support the troops or you don't
Skimmer boats worked for me as they gets me willing

And only ugly fat chicks dig guys in a Prius

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Avoid stigma of paying a publisher

Sometimes it is hard to order
A prescription for lithium
Over the phone
When other people are around
So do what I do
Refer to lithium
As the drug that starts with L
When the power of the clam
Is so intense that the sun shines
Out of your crotch heygrrl
Just wasted an hour of my life
Watching Jill a nice Jewish girl
Who is planning her wedding
Rose is a long-haired Latina
Who has problems
Hatched from a horrifying alien egg
Laid on cover of Rolling Stone
So I found myself on a couch
Spending too much time on youtube
Watching Buffy fanvids
With Lady Gaga songs
Roll out the welcome mat ladies
I wonder do you think Christopher Hitchens
Likes Stevie Nicks

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

George Steinbrenner left after pleasuring me in the bathroom

The annoying Facebook Girl
Queue Maury Povich
I'm such a loser for doing this
I thought the parking lot looked familiar
But I've only visited Santa Monica
Dear god you guys are such trolls
I'm like the Internet whore
I'm on the Internet way too much every day
Only because the most die-hard fans
Would do such a thing because you know
I don't care at all
so here we go
How come every time you come around

I'm actually a student at Millburn High School
And I would like to
Back off I'm a Corporate Whore
There's no such thing as a free lunch
there's only prostitution you buy
Was my dress a bit too see through
I'm such a carb whore
I'm happy with my choices
Why can't people just leave it alone?
Then we had the mommy is a whore talk
And the dirt cow makes my cock itchy

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm your sexually explicit new neighbor

A message was left by Jennifer
An inquiry was made by Ella
An old buddy says "wasssup"
An old Schoolmate says hello
Ann lives just 10 blocks from you
Ann lives just 12 mins from you
Hey I'm only 10 mins from you
Hey I'm only 17 mins away
Hey I'm only 18 miles from you
Honey wants to hookup
Jenna has made a comment
Jessica is very intrigued by you
Michelle seems really interested in you
Sarah is attempting to contact you
Victoria seems really interested in you

Cancer is really interesting

Monday, July 12, 2010

Male and Girl. Pharmacy Shop

I try to emulate hip hop in terms
Of its syntax to the brim
With the sweetest nectar
Is annoying to my teenage daughter's
Mr. T look

I think you could rock it
I know I could here is the picture
That has become my wallpaper for emulating
Ron Paul's nervous laughter

What terrifies Bill Gates
A very loud and sharp wind
Almost like a hoarse scream and I thought
The Rocky Mountains would be a little rockier than this
Burnt out tweeters kissing girls on the school bus
'Cause they're hot for each other and not just for the camera

The old 99 bottles of beer on the wall
Certainly comes to mind while visiting this unusual
Tiny house in an older section of this sprawling southwestern
Path-breaking advances in the treatment of seizure disorders
Of Iowa which means he is toast
Slathered with butter
And a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Bollywood Stars When They Were Young Quiz

There are several homemade rat poison mixtures
That you can make absolutely top quality
Very helpful and a fully fitted out
Twitter in shakespeare's language side-by-side
With a translation
Into modern english
The kind of english people actually speak

I've been looking for a girl like you
Not you but a girl like
You if I were a girl
Not that smooth type of girl
Beautiful gifted a good-looking good-tempered
Well-dressed nitty gritty dirt band lyric
Wearing light-coloured trousers

The other man was wearing green combat trousers
A green shirt
Actually I read somewhere that wearing this kind of blue
And greens etc. will help impove the yoga sessions and
Click here for photographic evidence that should
Finally put to end all this chatter I was wearing really high heels
For prom and two days after my feet are still in pain
While they were in power

A more natural like globalization
A great preview of a new clip
Featuring my sexy soles
And perfect size 10 feet you can worship
And lick them
Stroke to them
Do whatever you do

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