Monday, March 01, 2010

The Typing of the Ghosts

The Typing of the Ghosts

Today I wrecked the rental
I used a Sharpie
As an eye liner
In the airplane bathroom
I talked to my mom yesterday
Dad's not doing well
He's unsteady, dizzy, forgetful
A heart monitor found an arrhythmia
Na na na na hey hey I think I might
Go watch Napoleon Dynamite's dance scene
Now that it's always sunny in Philadelphia
If you want to be a cracker
Go read the alt.2600 newsgroup
And get all the dirt fit to print
Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino
Are teenagers from different worlds
They meet up at a karaoke contest
And fill their cargo pants up with weed
So appropriate meathead may result
In severe civil and criminal penalties
Unless prior authorization has been obtained
A cute new science teacher causes Dakota Fanning
To lose focus jeopardizing
Her father/daughter bonding weekend
It reminds me of Daffy Duck and
It bugs me that he got another round off
Life is so full of little annoyances
Sometimes they are a sophomore
Release by a progressive rock band
Where the supply of exotic is in the wake of
Viagra's enormous popularity
I'm feeling rough
I'm feeling raw
I'm in the prime of my life pushing stuffing
between the turkey's skin and breasts
Increasing the thickness of the breasts
So they take the same time to cook as I feel pain
About 2 inches above my hip bone
The size of your fist
In a tractor-trailer
part of Chuck Norris' sperm escapes
From a lavish, posh, ritzy, bewitching,
Exclusive, expensive, and elaborate little hymen

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