Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pitchfork Penis

Pitchfork Penis

Wee Hitler Penis the happy puppy
Judges the ejaculation contest
Taking place across Lord Bowser
Perfectly rippled chest

Though the resonating torch
Had been carried forward
To die-hards only Hitler Penis held
The master ring to the eternal metal chord

Important information
About the vulva for
Dawn at the Eagles Nest
Where Little Hitler uses fingers
On a vagina for the first time
Transported through the portal
To where one is only bored silly
with the whole ghost ship blitzkrieg thing

Hitler's Penis knows the rejection the humiliation
Of wanting to play with us big kids
But with his little bike he can't lead the charge
On The Night Of The Fluffy Pink Kittens

Meandered and detoured
And wandered through melodic
Progressions so spaced out
He sounded almost like jazz
This definitely wasn't
Your Mothers' Hitler Penis

Lady Gaga came up first in a google search
For Hitler's Vagina in fact her vagina
Should be a motivational speaker
Advocating a particular style
Of personal grooming
When the female pubic region
Can resembles Ezra Pound's beloved Apis dorsata

Tiny Hitler Penis is so surprisingly beautiful
In it we get the austere beauty
Of a telecaster roaming
The western U.S it's a genuine representation
Of our romance with the despairing
Beauty of loneliness
A Hitler Penis of solitary confinement
In an expansive wide-open land

Thank you Hitler!
But our Princess is in another castle
The Order Of the Garter vol 3 - No Boys Allowed
Hitler kitty is so ready to pounce on your Poland

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