Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Alfie Camus,The Witchfinder General

Ain't no fucking scenery to speak of here
But tat's right to my purpose
A man carrying a pistol at my back
There's the short walk to the front office
Clear out my desk
Gives a big smile
Grows wings and flies

So full of trash and rats
I felt one crawl across my soul
Fallen enemies are fed to the scavengers
Fallen friends are fed into the Great Furnace
Their souls returned to the Great Mother
While fallen warriors ready themselves

My lineage is Whitey McWhite
So a coat or two
Did the trick
Making my eyes pop
Without looking too weird or too dark
On those days I skip the elliptical trainer
Without a damn good reason
And find myself wandering through the woods

You come upon a sanctuary
A peaceful clearing that murmurs ancient secrets
The sounds of the waterfall beckon you to sit awhile
And contemplate how far you've come
And where your true path may lie
In this secret passage

And how the first angel blew his trumpet
Of hail and fire mixed with blood thrown
With blood will rain on
Blood fire and columns of smoke

Alphabetical a all and angel
Blood burned came down
Earth fire first car you see
Flame smoke smoke emitted from a vehicle
When it is on fire

We took your little white butt
and stretched it to the max

You continue your journey while the others
Attended “Kill Whitey” parties in Williamsburg

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