Friday, January 29, 2010



Was a famous female French poet of the Renaissance
Daughter of Lyon who gave Cocteau
One million francs to make it here I can make it anywhere
On this list should have articles of their own
And should meet the Wikipedia notability guidelines
For their poetry books you can find thousands
And thousands of volumes waiting to be ordered
Mostly forgotten French poets
Some of which are English and Knowles Beyonce
Winning a Cesar for one million franc baby

When Clint Eastwood brings a small penis to Cannes or a
Famous scientist or the Dalai Lama tile box or
The French poet Baudelaire tile coaster
Cause if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it

I would have a chat with her cuz that's wrong
I think you should talk to her first
Its gross
Secondly weird
Ask her why is she even doin this?
I would let it be if she is making good money
Why not however it is kinda gross
Yes I think this is really gross and
You should tell her very nicely otherwise
She might get angry that your being "unfair"
To the militants that kill for Jessica Alba
My queen my goddess
and the hottest piece of ass we claim
There is not a one single name for Jessica
Or the Messiah see for yourself
A simple search of the Internet shows
War is a song that asks all the really obvious questions

The French public mocked Henri Rousseau's naive style
We just thought it was some sort of underdeveloped
Marxist theory on an truly awful way to die
An absolutely savage satire on the idiocy
Of calling pornography idiotic

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