Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's a three-way melee that leaves Tokyo in tatters

Halle Berry wants to consider
What's most important to you
Halle Berry is teaching
Economics to young teenagers
I think you're right about education
And leadership proving that
Halle Berry is more important than you
Halle Berry does not wait in lines
She has an Oscar
And a People's Choice Award
Why file naming is more important
To Halle Berry than you think
Halle Berry was out of her mind when
She implied that the Obama health care bill
Was going to create death panels
Halle Berry is more like a raving maniac
Higher than a kite
Professing knowledge but locked in
A dead-eye game of one-ups-man-ship
with Glenn Beck for the crown of crazy
I think we were all surprised and disappointed
When Halle Berry's one hundred million dollar
Ode to the midwestern bank robbers
Of the 1930s rang false and was
Belittling instead of honoring in its sensitivity

Halle Berry's origin is not well known
She is the guardian of an ancient race
of tiny humanoids named the Cosmos
who lived on earth

The Wonder Twins first appeared
In the second season of Knots Landing
Like some kind of sex toy
But in fact took the form of a suit of armor
The Wonder Twins' didn't have kids before
Because their other husband
Was an alcoholic
The Wonder Twins have turned a new mix
Loose on the unsuspecting intertubes
The Wonder Twins serve as high priestesses
To Halle Berry a primitive deity
When ruthless show men kidnap The Wonder Twins
Halle Berry follows them to Japan

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