Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Liked To Hear People Say 'Ouch

Accused gang member says
Only crime is baking cupcakes
Lesbian pajamas by Heather and Lori
Creates fabulous whimsical stains
The dramatic cupcake dog

Is having flashbacks from the war
On wedges and heels
With wooden soles really beautiful
Frosting fun Martha Stewart
Ponies pony pony in my pocket
I was so excited
When I found out she loved
Ugly crazy women porn

The axe swung today
Now don't misunderstand my gratitude
I would never ever spend more
The next thing to cut back on is labor cost
Just bought the J. Crew one on sale today
For ten forty nine so comfy

Desensitizing with masturbation
It sounds like you have reached
What they call in the rehab world
Being sick I'm glad they're adding
The don't care button

Don't you be sassin' me Frankenstein
Behold I am the ancient
Aztec God of bitch smacking
It's a pleasure to meet you
I know there is allot of trolls on here so
I'm sure this is like a god send to em

Some exaggeration and fake moaning
Lots of exaggeration and fake moaning
Recently I heard
On the radio they were talking
About saying why
Medical care costs were
Sure as a blog
Returns to its vomit
Your friends see it
Your stalkers see it
Your free lesbian babysitter sees it

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