Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Avoid stigma of paying a publisher

Sometimes it is hard to order
A prescription for lithium
Over the phone
When other people are around
So do what I do
Refer to lithium
As the drug that starts with L
When the power of the clam
Is so intense that the sun shines
Out of your crotch heygrrl
Just wasted an hour of my life
Watching Jill a nice Jewish girl
Who is planning her wedding
Rose is a long-haired Latina
Who has problems
Hatched from a horrifying alien egg
Laid on cover of Rolling Stone
So I found myself on a couch
Spending too much time on youtube
Watching Buffy fanvids
With Lady Gaga songs
Roll out the welcome mat ladies
I wonder do you think Christopher Hitchens
Likes Stevie Nicks

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