Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Bollywood Stars When They Were Young Quiz

There are several homemade rat poison mixtures
That you can make absolutely top quality
Very helpful and a fully fitted out
Twitter in shakespeare's language side-by-side
With a translation
Into modern english
The kind of english people actually speak

I've been looking for a girl like you
Not you but a girl like
You if I were a girl
Not that smooth type of girl
Beautiful gifted a good-looking good-tempered
Well-dressed nitty gritty dirt band lyric
Wearing light-coloured trousers

The other man was wearing green combat trousers
A green shirt
Actually I read somewhere that wearing this kind of blue
And greens etc. will help impove the yoga sessions and
Click here for photographic evidence that should
Finally put to end all this chatter I was wearing really high heels
For prom and two days after my feet are still in pain
While they were in power

A more natural like globalization
A great preview of a new clip
Featuring my sexy soles
And perfect size 10 feet you can worship
And lick them
Stroke to them
Do whatever you do

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