Sunday, August 01, 2010

God's Wrath and now I can't get **** from her

Julia Roberts struggles with masses of pizza
Oh for the glory days of Jack Bauer
Cut to the torture scenes or else zippiest firearm
In the toolkit does diddly in close-up melee lopez
Or fat ass Keira Knightley wants to yiff

In the wake of all that happened
Finding old tracks on you tube
Is the bollocks when the corn laws
Wake you up to the sound
Of some idiot
In a Chevelle doing donuts

Asian street meat as avant poetics
And we wondered where she got
Those firm wobbly plumpers

Meat bait you know that if it
Smells like funk then it must be us
Sex and the city girls
Are God's vagina

You need to set your
Little sexy ass down and watch yourself
Get killed

And I would smoke an old cigar
Then I would eat an entire large pizza
Off her dreads then I’d bind my wrists together
And jump up and down then I would tear
Open those fish nets and wrap them
Around some wet laundry and squeeze
Out all the dog poo yard dog red wine

I love a good bit of spnak me

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