Friday, August 06, 2010

The Atomic Bomb is Not Moby-Dick

Even when you're terrified
That said bomb is going
To fuck you in the ass
The Pynchon of Gravity's Rainbow
Is terrified of being fucked
If you are a young American
And you're bored
How about making a bomb
In your mom's kitchen
Like a franchise of McDonald's
Or my childhood favorite Carvel
These al-Qaeda cells
Are locally owned and operated
Spock would never betray
The emotion of discomfort
Or any other emotion
for that matter
I was in a car accident
A few years ago and it left me
With no teeth so
I now wear dentures
At first I thought it was
A horrible thing but like
They say every cloud
Has a silver lining
And the pleasure I can now
Share with the men of the world
Is my silver lining
I'm 6 ft. tall
Weigh about 240lbs
With long curly dark
Hair and blue eyes
If your one of those guys who's
Always wanted to try a gummer
But didn't want someones Grandmother
Doing it for you then I'm you girl
The next night we ate whale
Which he likes to repeat for long stretches
At public readings
His record is seven minutes
Isn't that what Paris Hilton does
Rack up points
Produce nothing of value
All these self indulgent a-holes
make me hope Mexico
Annexes this stupid country
Everything that even hints
At some nobility of spirit
I’ve learned from these creatures
I do love the way you put
Your words together in this story
I will try to comment
Tonight when we get to a motel
Hey I'm the curvy girl from metaquotes
who is extremely supportive
of your fashion goals
Friending you now
I went from being
School teacher of 8 years
To a cam girl
Also three paragraphs up from the bottom
Yes I suggested his observations are akin
To today’s surveillance techniques
Twitter & FB
Emma Watson’s vagina
looks the same as it did
before she cut her hair
I’m just sayin

If you want to view
Any of these things let me know
PayPal will keep my money

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