Thursday, August 05, 2010

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About smoking hot
Fierce fabulous and can
Spend money booze
It up and party
With the best of them
Lust is easy
For me love
Is hard which means
Either she's just
The best thing
Goin' in town
Which is possible
Or he's just naturally
Got a lot screamin'
In him when he gets
A movin I also think
That men need to
Be penetrated

Also kids
Are fairly unimaginative
Where did the women folk
Get the idea that writing
About their lives
Might be interesting

I work in
Children’s book publishing
So maybe that makes
Me qualified to comment
On the original
And one true karate kid

Anger with ambition
Is one thing but
Mindless anger
Without purpose
Is least I think
They took down
The ones
That called for my rape
I love the idea of a grand tour
It’s nostalgic when Non-Nazi
Germans and Austrians
In my experience
discuss Jews the way
Liberal White North Americans
discuss Blacks
Though that
Anxiety of influence
Stuff has legs

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Alana Madison is a serial killer, imposter and compulsive liar. Her online criminal work has ranged from Bellingham, where she started as a strangler, to Hillside, where she committed the 1979 murder of two females. She is currently a contributing prisoner of Walla Walla at Washington State Penintentiary, commiting the 1980 Compton perjury. Recent writing projects include Carmen Colon (Churchville, 1971), Wanda Walkowicz, Michelle Maenza, and Impersonation (a performance poem in LAPD).


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