Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have to stay 500 feet away from miley cyrus' nipple

I have to stay 500 feet away from miley cyrus' nipple

The cameras may have stopped rolling
But that doesn't mean the drama
Was obtained by a simple algebraic manipulation
Of the original polynomial plush pets
Each come with a unique
Secret code designated trademarks and brands
Are the property of their respective owners
Not a linear sexting app that would
have saved Tiger Woods a lot of trouble
But the premier destination to watch
And share your original string of characters
A promise that you can't keep
Or else you'll wind up miserable
With a shaved head want to see more
Of what's going on in Oprah's world
The perfect date was a long time coming
Play as long as you like
We have over 8000 games in our arsenal
a weaker-than-expected forecast i have
To stay 500 feet away from inspirational
Performance assemblies and follow up
Artistic development workshops

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