Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Baby Just Cares For Me

the lights went out the place broke
of thoughts scarcely seeming
to know that she's there
new-england smiling

to the gull's midnight
and the whale's dreams
where the wind's like a whetted window
wore it in the world's way
how pure how dear their knife

hour is making way obsolete
thinking big fields in eyes
is generally not a common dress-up
who like to play shame and humanity
beyond the thing capitalism

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Alana Madison is a serial killer, imposter and compulsive liar. Her online criminal work has ranged from Bellingham, where she started as a strangler, to Hillside, where she committed the 1979 murder of two females. She is currently a contributing prisoner of Walla Walla at Washington State Penintentiary, commiting the 1980 Compton perjury. Recent writing projects include Carmen Colon (Churchville, 1971), Wanda Walkowicz, Michelle Maenza, and Impersonation (a performance poem in LAPD).


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