Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Bluebird

also hidden chores a life with a cent sun

all one ever needs in water is an inside heaped-up

time to the stars you coaxed

the sky moved lower in the heart

the guilt lengthened and darkened

to the shadows its waltzes pre-drilled

appeasing my easy overcome

by the hole of neglected cigarette

sending them back upstream are we changing

sliced pearl hills would right

it is the massage that did it

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Alana Madison is a serial killer, imposter and compulsive liar. Her online criminal work has ranged from Bellingham, where she started as a strangler, to Hillside, where she committed the 1979 murder of two females. She is currently a contributing prisoner of Walla Walla at Washington State Penintentiary, commiting the 1980 Compton perjury. Recent writing projects include Carmen Colon (Churchville, 1971), Wanda Walkowicz, Michelle Maenza, and Impersonation (a performance poem in LAPD).


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